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The Order of Scottish Clans (O.S.C.), an international organization, was founded in 1878 for the following purposes.

To provide "a fund from which, on the death of a member, a sum would be paid to his wife and bairns, or whoever his legal beneficiaries might be".


To "cultivate fond recollections of Scotland, its history and traditions, its literature and ideals, its minstrelsy and song, and its customs and amusements".

In that same timeframe Scotsmen of Greater Cleveland Ohio began the formation of a subordinate clan, instated on April 13, 1885 as ‘Clan Grant #17– O.S.C’. The name of this new subordinate clan was a result of obtaining family permission and the desire to honor the former 18th President of the United States Ulysses Simpson Grant (baptized—Hiram Ulysses Grant).

In the mid 1900s the Order of Scottish Clans (O.S.C.) was merged into the International Order of Foresters (I.O.F.) to allow a continuing program of insurance. Within a few years the O.S.C. was dissolved into the I.O.F. Clan members holding an insurance certificate became members of the I.O.F., remaining clansmen were granted ‘associate member’ status. The O.S.C., as an entity, thereby no longer existed, however, Clan Grant #17 continued under the umbrella of the I.O.F.

The decease of some members, the lack of participation in the clan by others, the discontinuance of some insurance certificates, along with the acceptance of more new ‘associate members’ led to the fact that the clan could no longer meet the insurance participation or membership of the I.O.F. This inability to meet requirements prompted the Foresters to attempt to merge Clan Grant #17 into the I.O.F. system.

Since the retention of traditions and the maintaining of social ties are strong Scottish characteristics, those having a desire to preserve the traditions of Clan Grant #17 O.S.C. planned the reformation of the organization. This reformation was brought about through a revised Charter, By-Laws and an application for incorporation as a not for profit corporation (Civic League) ORC 1702.01 ~ 1702.99.

On November 30, 1990 the Scottish Heritage Association of Northeast Ohio (S.H.A.N.O.) was incorporated with the purpose to affirm an irrevocable bond with the traditions of Clan Grant #17 O.S.C.. The Scottish Heritage Association of Northeast Ohio is therefore the extension of Clan Grant #17 and upholds its rituals, symbols, membership expectations and related observances.

Its membership is affectionately referred to as Clansmen of Clan Grant.

Les Vought ~ Past Chief

History of Clan Grant

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In 1296 at the Battle of Dunbar, John and Randolph de Grant were taken prisoner, and they were released. It was around the same time that the Grants acquired the land at Glenmoriston and Glen Urquhart which they still have today. Robert the Bruce's victory confirmed the Grant holdings in Strathspey, and they were now established as Highland Chiefs.

After the Normans established themselves in England, the name Grant became widespread, appearing in many documents from various areas, which are with us today. In French and Gaelic languages, the word has the similar meanings of "big" and "more". The earliest recordings of Grants in Scotland, however, are from the mid-thirteenth century. The marriage of a Grant to Sir John Bisset's daughter Mary resulted in the acquisition of Stratherrick land. One of their two children was Sir Laurence le Grand, who became the Sheriff of Inverness.

Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
(1822 ~ 1885)
18th President
of the United States
(1869 ~ 1877)

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